Promoting Independence through Interdependence-Community Unity through Individual Opportunity-Security in Self-Sufficiency. Pilot Light supports sustainable, income generating projects in Africa. We strive to create a solid foundation for future generations to build upon. When individuals can support themselves, they can establish a sustainable and thriving community for generations to come, lasting self-sufficiency, secure interdependent communities, and self-determination are all that we hope for our future. We build resilience by working on the relationship between the individual and the community. The idea of the pilot light is that it will light a small spark that can grow into a larger fire that burns on its own, after we are gone. Pilot Light is proud that 100% of donations will be used directly for funding these projects and is a 501(C) (3).

Support projects that promote economic self-sufficiency.

Project ranging from agricultural cooperatives, vocational training and family support to comprehensive development.

Work With On-the-Ground Partners

Local involvement provides insight to tough problems and ensures partnerships through all stage of implementation.

In-person Verification of Projects

We travel regularly to our projects to ensure fiscal verification and efficiency.