our mission

our mission

Our Mission

We empower individuals to claim their own dignity, conceive their own future, and construct the networks necessary to sustain it. We are community sourced and community informed. We tailor programs to fit the community and never the other way around.

We learn from one another. We provide necessary tools and practical training to create innovative solutions that meet the community’s specific needs. We enable people to become more than self sufficient - we help them become pillars of their community.

As a program grows we can fortify it. We act as intermediaries. We offer guidance into emerging markets . Assist developing market share through formation of co-operatives and strategic alliances. We open new networks, we bridge gaps, and enhance commerce through product accreditation.

When our partners can support themselves they can reclaim their own identity. They bring meaning, purpose, and definition to their future. We strive to create solid foundations for future generations to share and build upon. We promote Independence through Interdependence - Community Unity through Individual Opportunity.

Our History