founder’s story

founder’s story

From the belief that when individuals can support themselves, they can establish a sustainable and thriving community for generations to come, Pilot Light was born.

Carol Anne Levy

Founder & President: Carol studied anthropology at UCLA, always having a special interest in Africa. She was a dealer of ethnographic art and owner of World Collection Gallery in Los Angeles, which took her traveling in West Africa on buying trips and fed her love for the art, culture and history of the countries she visited. Carol was a national board member for the US Fund for UNICEF for 4 years and was one of the founding board members, serving 17 years on the US Fund’s Southern California Regional chapter.

It was through Carol’s travels with UNICEF to Uganda that she made friends and contacts in Africa that brought her attention to the types of problems that Pilot Light is focusing on. Carol lives in Los Angeles with her husband and has two adult children.  Carol has worked hard to build relationships in those areas hit hardest by poverty and malnutrition.

Carol also builds lasting relationships with collaborators, partners, and beneficiaries. She partnered with Delphin Muhizi of the Millenium Village Project years ago. After their successful collaboration, Delphin joined the Pilot Light team. For over six years now, Delphin has been working as Pilot Light Foundation’s Director of Programs (see below), and his regional expertise and residence in Rwanda allows him to supervise Pilot Light Programs regularly. Today their close friendship drives the success of programs throughout Africa.

Delphin K. Muhizi

Program Director: Educated in Democratic Republic of Congo, earning his masters in Rwanda, Delphin is a business development specialist with 14 years experience in development work in East Africa. The work includes business opportunities assessment, business plans elaboration and their implementation in rural as well as in urban settings.

He has worked with PL since 2008, designing, implementing and supervising all projects in East Africa. Since then, the number of and scope of projects has substantially grown, showing tangible results.

Delphin, a Rwandan, resides in Kigali, Rwanda with his wife and 4 kids.


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