Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts
By: admin
Jun 14, 2017

CELEBRATION! Going home is always so bittersweet. I love these places and I love the people. I do feel very good, however, about the progress and impact I have found on this trip, which is the reason why I come each year. It is my job to make sure that your dollars are being used the way we intend them to and that they are making a difference.

After hundreds of miles on the road, dozens of meetings and home visits, 11 hotel check-ins to 8 different hotels, 12 good-byes to our partners, and 25 days, tonight we fly home. If you have been following my posts, you know that our projects are making a tangible impact on people living in extreme poverty in Rwanda and Uganda. If everyone who reads this post gave 20.00 (or more), that would be huge. Think about it. This year will be extra tricky in fundraising, because many Americans are giving to political causes this year. I hope you will consider joining us, our 12 local partners and all of our beneficiaries by giving and being a part of the Pilot Light family