Coffee Farmer Cooperative-Kanungu

Coffee Farmer Cooperative-Kanungu

  • Kanungu, Western Uganda
         “Sparking Self-Sufficiency in Africa Through Sustainable Income”         

In Uganda, Coffee production is a highly lucrative but highly competitive industry. To sell their crops, Smallholder Coffee growers find themselves at the whim of middle men or saturated local markets, and forced to sell at prices often lower than production costs. The Farmers in the Kanungu district were especially vulnerable, as there was no Cooperative to unite the farmers and organized support services such as agricultural extension and financing are practically nonexistent. Pilot Light, partnering with the Kigezi Coffee Development Academy, can provide the local support needed for the growers to unify and then successfully compete in the coffee production industry.


Sustainable Coffee Production Means sustainable economically, environmentally and socially. We work within the community to identify best strategies to ensure market security, provide education in environmentally sound farming practices and promote long term community well being and prosperity

From Planting to Harvest  Adoption of Best Farming and Harvesting Practices is supported through improved access to Agricultural Extension Services. Tarpaulins, drying screens and standardized grading methods ensure that only top quality beans reach market.

A Shorter Market Chain a Growing Market Share With the ability to sell in bulk and communicate and negotiate directly with buyers, Coffee producers can promote confidence in their products and build lasting business alliances.


Economic Stability The project seeks to empower 1000 Women, Men, and Child farmers to reach their true potential enabling them to provide basic needs of food and shelter for their families.

Community Unity Common Goals and Shared Prosperity build secure interdependent Communities

Preservation of Natural Resources  Adoption of appropriate agricultural techniques increases yields and crop diversity ensures environmental and economic sustainability into the future.

Sustainable Marketplace and Increased Business Acumen Understanding a stable Marketplace Ensures a stable future for coffee bean production and an industry that can be passed to the next generation.