Mayange Community Development Organization

Mayange Community Development Organization

  • Bugasera District, Rwanda
         “Sparking Self-Sufficiency in Africa Through Sustainable Income”         

Located in south east Rwanda in the Bugesera district, Mayange, unlike the rest of Rwanda, is known for it’s short rain fall and dry arid climate. Persistent water problems of the 1960’s led to farmers cutting down trees for charcoal production to survive. By the 1980’s deforestation and environmental mismanagement left the already vulnerable area with soil erosion, and periods of drought and famine. Mayange was hit particularly hard during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, with over 60% of the population brutally slain. When the displaced population returned they returned to devastation. Mayange is now one of the poorest regions of the world with most people struggling to subsist on small agricultural plots unable to sustain a family’s basic food needs.

By partnering locally with Millennium Community Development Organization(MCDO) Pilot Light will be able provide the support and consistency necessary to empower individuals through small business development and continued community recovery and renewal. Through our partnership with (MCDO) we can expedite the expansion and success of existing small business training programs and increase Savings and Loans capacity to be on par with community growth. By equipping and training local associations in sustainable management of savings and loan policy we empower both the individual business owner and the community at large and can ensure this economic growth is sustainable and available for future generations


From Individual Start up to Sustainable Business Community we provide support through every stage of development. We recognize that every community is unique and work inclusively with community members to develop a comprehensive plan tailored specifically to meet that community’s needs.

From Farmers to Craft Cooperatives education in best business practices, and training in business management enable business owners to develop sound plans and growing businesses. Education in markets and resource management ensure growth can be sustained.

An Empowered Community Independence through Interdependence. Access to business networks and participation in Village Savings & Loans create accountable individuals and unified communities. Socio-Economic Development support groups ensure growth and shared equity throughout the community.

Economic Self Sufficiency The ability for individuals to meet the basic needs of food and shelter for themselves and their families and afford books and education for their children.

Community Unity Common Goals and Shared Prosperity build secure interdependent Communities.

Increased Business Acumen Understanding basic business planning and local resource management, ensures a stable future and an industry that can be passed to the next generation.

Pride of Ownership and increased stature and participation within the community. Ability to teach and train others.