Rice Farmer Cooperative-Northern Uganda

Rice Farmer Cooperative-Northern Uganda

  • Alebtong District, Northern Uganda
“Sparking Self-Sufficiency in Africa Through Sustainable Income”

The Farmers in Northern Uganda were severely affected by the Lord’s resistance Army (LRA) insurgency. As violence increased a large portion of the population were displaced from their villages and into refugee camps. Living as refugees in their own country, the farmers of these districts were forced to leave their homes and livelihoods behind. As security improved and peace returned, massive numbers of refugees left the camps in the hope of returning home to their villages and reclaiming their lives there. The recovery has been difficult but remarkable.
With crops rebounding and peace in the area, the opportunity for full recovery has never been better. Pilot Light partnering with Development Monitors is working to rebuild economic stability.


Rice is a cash crop that can sustain entire families and rebuild communities. Rice is grown collaboratively giving both men and woman the opportunity for economic independence. Communities receive direct benefits of increased income and food production and local businesses enjoy indirect benefits of increased development.

By Teaching Best Farming Practices we not only increase yields we ensure sustainability for the next generation. Farming is a family business with skills shared from generation to generation. We provide the tools, technology, and training necessary to cultivate healthy crops and sustain healthy families long into the future.

Comprehensive Market Development ensures that Farmers can compete successfully in growing markets. We assure access to revolving funds through Village Savings and Loans. We provide the seed capital necessary to rent more land, buy improved seeds, and build Storage and Processing capabilities critical to economic stability.

Economic Stability We are helping to empower 1400 households with cash crops that provide economic vitality and stability where subsistence farming cannot.

Community Development Farming cooperatives build community wide identity and interdependence though shared goals and shared prosperity.

Basic Needs and Education. Basic needs of food and shelter can be met and Families can afford to send their Children to school.

Fair Trade Certification – Once projects are firmly established, we assist in achieving Fair Trade Certification. Fair Trade status increases market access and ensures that farmers can get a fair price for their crops.

Future Programs – Currently serving 7000 beneficiaries from 1400 households.