Rice Farmer Cooperative-Western Uganda

Rice Farmer Cooperative-Western Uganda

  •    Kihihi, Western Uganda
         “Sparking Self-Sufficiency in Africa Through Sustainable Income”          

Located near the town of Kihihi. the land is very fertile and the farmers are already growing many crops, including a large quantity of rice. However, very much like the case of our Coffee Farmers Cooperative, commercial rice growing has not been lucrative, because the farmers lack the ability to process their own rice and store it until good market prices are available. By improving yields and increasing market access we can enable the farmers to significantly increase their income in a sustainable way.

Solving Market Challenges By Developing Cooperatives that can obtain stature through collaboration and collectively compete in existing markets, in local partnership with the Literacy, Action Development Agency.

Improve Yields and Quality through Teaching. Teach best farming practices and assure access to Village Savings and loans. Assist in achieving Fair Trade Certification.

Providing the Seed Capital. It’s necessary to rent more land, buy improved seeds, build a Storage and Processing Plant critical to economic stability.

Economic Stability. Cash crops provide economic vitality/stability where subsistence farming cannot. Rice provides such a cash crop.

Community Development. Farming cooperatives build community wide identity and interdependence though shared goals and shared prosperity.

Basic Needs. Food and shelter needs can now be met.

Education. Self-sufficiency and self respect are supported through the teachings.

Fair Trade Certification. Creates market access and ensures that farmers can get a fair price for their crops.