Youth with Disability Entrepreneurs Program

Youth with Disability Entrepreneurs Program

  • Kampala, Uganda
         “Sparking Self-Sufficiency in Africa Through Sustainable Income”          

Throughout Uganda, the disabled remain an especially compromised and vulnerable group. Existing government programs to alleviate rampant poverty in communities do not involve or include people with disabilities fully. Culturally a discrimination and stigma from other community members make life and livelihood for the disabled and their families especially challenging. Disabled youths are a particularly vulnerable group. With few opportunities life can be miserable. Yet, despite their disabilities these youth and their families can fully engage in income generating actives, if only given a chance. 

Community Outreach to identify ability-centric income opportunities for disabled youth (ages 18-35). Mobilize and form cluster groups based on ability, interest and experience, all in partnership with Youth With Physical Disability Development Forum.

Build Workshops, Provide Tools, Training and Support. They become successful WeldersCandlemakers, Mushroom Farmers, and Green Pepper Farmers. Education in Group dynamics and business management.

Initiate Social Inclusion through Economic Empowerment. Economic independence is the impetus necessary to dispell stigmas and improve public perception of people living with physical disabilities. Social inclusion can begin community by community with the younger generation.

Self-Sufficiency and Increased Self-Worth. These begin with the ability to provide for basic needs of food and shelter for self and family.

Societal Inclusion. Careers within the community focus on ability and help to dispel negative stereotypes and end discrimination.

Economic Empowerment. This initiates positive feedback loops to end cycle of poverty for the disabled and their families.

Job Training and Access to Micro Loans. This builds careers and growing businesses into lasting livelihoods.

Role Model for Others. Increased stature in the community. Serving as leaders and role models for the disabled community.